Thursday, December 16, 2010

about last weekend

I started a bunch of blog posts this week that I just never ended up finishing. Oops!

Summary of last weekend: Awesome

Kevin and I went out to dinner on Saturday and finished our Christmas shopping. We went to the biggest toy store I have ever seen here! We never go out, and so this was a special treat. It was the first time for Kate to have a babysitter, and despite my fears of her screaming the entire time we were gone, she did great! Seth even did really well, too. Maybe we have officially turned the corner with our kids. But I'm not going to hold my breath...

We also went to the Christmas market downtown. It was one of the best visits there that I can remember. I don't know what it was. Certainly wasn't the weather! It had been beautiful snow and then warmed up too much and turned to rain. The kids were fantastic and didn't complain at all. I found these blue dresses that I have been looking for everywhere. I saw them the first two years we lived here, and I told myself that if I ever had a girl that I would buy her one. And ever since we knew we were having a girl, I haven't seen them anywhere! They were there, though, so I was super happy. I may have picked one up for someone else...and someone else. ;)

My dad's favorite: kürtös kalács!

Seth and Kevin enjoying their sweet treat.

Audrey enjoying her lángos! (Technically these aren't the traditional ones, but these are WAY better in my opinion.)

Some traditional Hungarian folk dancing

Seth enjoying his lollipop, which he took maybe 20 licks from, from the comfort of a nearby and DRY Costa Coffee. Of course when we decided to start heading home, the rain stopped and the sun came out!

Seth running around in circles in front of Szent István Bazilika

I've only ever seen a Christmas tree in front of the Bazilika at Christmas, but this year it is the nativity with a gigantic Advent wreath!

This walking street is the one that leads to the Bazilika (behind from where the picture is being taken). I just like that it has a clear view all the way to the river. Those buildings up on the hill are in the Castle district on the other side of the Danube River in Buda. And during the summer, this street is crowded as the cafés open their outdoor seating.

Seth was in a fine mood to cooperate for a picture in front of the statue. He really liked the sword. :)

I have now gotten pretty fancy with my blog! You can now subscribe to my blog via email if you wish. Dad, that might help you especially! Thank you Suzanne for asking about that! This blog started out as a thing just for myself and then for friends and family, so I haven't kept up with all of this technical stuff. :)

Oh, and in the process, I added a "search" link. I don't know of too many people who would use that, but it has already helped me tonight to find something I was looking for that I knew I wrote about. Ah, it's the little things...


Julie said...

great pics, I haven't been to the market yet... I know crazy, but not too exciting with Zach on crutches! Also, I was wondering if you could switch your blog option for when it is in google reader... it always only shows part of it...but you can change that option in your settings... :) Since you are all fancy and technical now :)

Stefanie Schocke said...

Did you get one for AMS!? :)

Suzanne said...

This looks like so much fun and also educational. I wish my family could experience this but since we can't, thank you for sharing so we can see what it's like in another part of the world. Blessings!

Doug said...

Thanks for the pic of my favorite sweet! I remember Kevin and I walking around the Christmas market right after Seth was born - raining, damp and cold. Sounds like it hasn't changed!

What is Audry eating? Looks like pizza.

You needed to go into the church and take a picture of St Stephen's mumified hand!

Love you guys, Dad/Grandpa

Kevin said...

If you take a picture of his mummified hand then they chop off your hand as punishment.