Thursday, September 30, 2010


We received a card in the mail from a student I had taught in second grade. In it she wrote that she had a birthday party but instead of asking for gifts, she asked that her friends make a donation to us.

What kind of kid does that?! Talk about getting all choked up! Wow! I cannot even begin to describe how touched I was by her selfless act.

When I got this card, not only was I blown away by her gift to us on a day where she was supposed to receive the gifts, but I thought that she probably had a blast at her party anyway, even without all of those presents. And I know the Lord will honor her for her generous heart.

And that's where I struggle with how to celebrate Kate and Seth's birthdays. It's definitely a day to celebrate! They will have their favorite food to eat and cake and ice cream. They will have presents from our families. It will be a special day for them. But what about these huge parties? No matter what I say I will offend someone, which is not my intent, so I probably just shouldn't say anything at all. I'm sure I just think about these things way too much! At least I know a few of you understand where I'm coming from!

But anyway, I just had to share what that student did and how much it meant to me. I am a positive way! :)


Stefanie Schocke said...

How incredibly sweet and selfless!

Come on mom, why not throw the $500 Pump it up Party! DO IT DO IT ;)

Jill said...

Very cool story, Kristen. The impact you made on this girl when you taught her was obviously huge and lasting. Imagine how thankful this girl's mom is for the influence you've had in her daughter's life. You were a wonderful Titus 2 woman to her. Isn't it wonderful how the blessing of pouring into someone's life just keeps going? That's our God!
Love, Jill Kirkwood

Doug said...

What kind of kid does that - one who was raised on a Godly family that taught them what is truly important. I also agree with Jill that you had an influence in that person's life too which we know began with your mom! Love you and see you in 15 days!