Friday, June 25, 2010

happy and healthy

Just wanted to update before heading to bed that Kate is back to her happy, smiling, healthy self! Today was the first day in over a week where she actually wanted to eat solids, so that's a good sign. And I think she had a growth spurt (somehow) in there. Between that and her not eating well for about 9 days, she seems to have lost some fat. I mean she wasn't a huge tub to begin with but she definitely had some rolls on her! The ones on her thighs are all gone all of a sudden! Anyway, I am so glad she is back to herself and feeling well.

Thank you to so many of you who prayed and checked in via phone or email. I was so touched by everyone's concern. We are grateful! Thank you!!!

"Kranks Jesus Kate all better!"

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Stefanie said...

Glad she's better :)