Tuesday, May 4, 2010

sand everywhere

We went to the park this afternoon with Kim and Ethan. Ethan is SO funny. Love that kid. He loves Seth, too. Seth was not so interested in playing with him at first, but later they worked together to put sand at the bottom of the slide. They had a blast doing that.

This park is right up the street from where we used to live, and it was the first park Seth ever went to. Now we just go to our neighbor's house and use their swing set whenever we want because they let us. Although you can't tell in the first picture, the slide drops off a ton! Seth came flying down and flew off the bottom onto his rear end. He didn't mind, just didn't expect it. It reaches almost to his shoulders! The last time we were at this park, Seth could barely climb up the stairs himself because they are too far apart. He's growing up so fast!

You can see Ethan laughing at Seth putting sand in his hair. Poor Kim had a lot of sand to clean up before Ethan went down for his afternoon nap. :)

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Julie said...

So cute! Avery refused to play in the sand yesterday at the sitter's house b/c it was dirty...so prissy! Asher dove right in, just like Seth!
Love seeing the pictures.