Wednesday, April 28, 2010

walking on sunshine

The weather has been beautiful here! We have been spending lots of time outdoors and enjoying the sunshine.

We buzzed Seth's hair on Sunday afternoon. Still need to trim some more, but I had had enough of the screaming, so we left it for the time being. But when I told him that we needed to take a picture of his new haircut for the grandparents, this is what he did:

Grandma Y will appreciate seeing all of Seth's cowlicks, especially the ones in the front just like his father. :)

And here he is sitting in the tree this afternoon.

I got these shoes for Kate for a couple dollars this winter, and although still slightly too big (like ALL of her shoes), they stayed on her feet this afternoon! She has some adorable polka dot shoes that would have matched better, but they were way too big.

Happy girl! The headband was for Easter, but it was too big. Almost a month later, it is fitting better.

In other news, we took our car into the shop because the red warning light kept coming on and then going off. I was worried. It was our brake fluid apparently. Our horn also wasn't working and the handle to roll down the window snapped off. Balazs fixed everything and said the car is running just fine. Praise the Lord! We have to take it in in another 1000-2000 km for new brakes, and he already told us the price of that, much less than what I had anticipated. Thankful for that and for Balazs who really helps us out!


Julie said...

love those pics. I haven't put the boys in shorts yet because I think all the hungarians here will yell at me. They already yell at me for them not in

Stefanie said...

Daniel wants his hair buzzed now that he saw Seth's! Thanks a lot!

Kristin said...

I love the buzz cut -- so adorable.

Stef, I think you should let Daniel have a buzz...he can be like Seth and Wyatt, plus it will grow back. ;)

Grandma Y. said...

Love the buzz - just like Dad used to be, cowlicks and all. He must be growing - the shirt he's wearing in the tree picture is a 4T!

Leah said...

ok, so Seth officially looks like a big boy! Adorable, but I don't like to see him grow so fast!