Monday, March 22, 2010

warm weather

Warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine made this a spectacular weekend. We even went to a birthday party Sunday afternoon (which totally ruined nap times but worth it!) with friends and enjoyed being downtown for a bit. Nusi invited us over Sunday evening, but our car started having some problems. Nothing major, but we didn't trust driving it that far on the M0 highway, so another time hopefully!

But I didn't have my camera with me on Sunday, so the rest of this post will be with pictures about Saturday. We spent all of Saturday afternoon before nap time outside. We went on a walk all over town, and Seth was given some free goodies by a couple of different Hungarian ladies. He must be cute or something. ;) I think it is his "Csókolom" that gets them every time!

Kate in the stroller. Poor thing had her coat riding up on her face the whole time! And thanks to Great Grandma Dunham for the beautiful blanket we just got in the mail!!!

First fagylalt of the season! Seth picked out the flavors himself: the "purple one" and the "bug one." The purple was a mixed berry and the bug one was strawberry that had little candy pieces in the shapes of lady bugs on top. Ice cream here is quite soft and scoops are small. Just in case you wanted to know. :) Amazed looking at this picture at how big he is (and in desperate need of a haircut!!!). Last year he sat on our laps at the Cukrászda while we fed him, and now he can do it all by himself.

And around town...

Top sign tells you of the road curving head. Bottom sign tells you that the road narrows from two lanes down to one.

Here are the two lanes.

Here is the one lane. And yes, that is a road, not a sidewalk. I love Diósd. :)

Many American cars could not fit on these roads. No joke. It's always fun driving on roads like these, especially when you meet up with another car!

I tried figuring out why this looked funny to me. And then I realized...I have never seen a round door knob here anywhere, much less on a gate.

Love that so many houses have beautiful and used/functional shutters here!

The weather is supposed to be nice as far as the forecast shows. A little rain here or there but warm temps! This is good news after our winter. Spring break is next week, so I pray this weather is here to stay!


Stefanie said...

Not sure who needs the haircut, Seth or Kevin! ;)

What a precious girl in that stroller!

Doug said...

give the kids a hug from Grandpa!

Leah said...

Love it!(beautiful blanket :)