Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jesus talks to Seth

Seth and I had a conversation for almost 10 minutes about Jesus this morning.

Here is a part towards the end...

Seth: "Jesus can't hear Seth."
Me: "Yes, Jesus can hear Seth."
S: "Seth can't see Jesus."
M: "Right, you can't see Jesus but Jesus can see and hear you. He's in heaven."
S: "Seth say kranks Jesus orange juice"
M: "It makes Jesus happy when we thank him."
S: "Seth say kranks Jesus apple juice."
M: "Jesus likes it when we thank him. He can hear you."
S: "Jesus talk Seth."
M: "Jesus talks to Seth? What does Jesus say to you?"
S: "Jesus say you're welcome orange juice."

And a few minutes later...
S: "Jesus say you're welcome water, peanut butter, apples, ah..."
He continued to think of all sorts of things he was thankful for and thus things that Jesus would say "You're welcome" to when Seth thanked him. :)

It was precious. I think of a hundred things each day that he says that I want to write down, but by the time I sit down to do that, I can barely remember two things, if anything! He certainly makes us laugh every day and also blesses us with his super sensitive heart. We love you buddy!


Audrey said...

Kranks, Jesus, for Seth and for the astounding reminder of childlike faith!
And kranks for Seth Mommy, too.

Stefanie said...

I love having those conversations with Daniel. They are the best!

LOVE that little man, Seth!