Monday, February 22, 2010

who lets the dogs out?

The Bulldogs, that is! Last week was insane. I'll have to post more later on all of last week's festivities, but the main thing: ICSB Basketball Tournament 2010.

Here's a long clip highlighting the championship game between the ICSB boys varsity team and the KCA (Kiev Christian) varsity team. For those of you who don't want to watch the full 8 minutes, ICSB WON!!!!! It was most exciting. Super proud of Kevin. :)

(Ignore all of the was for crazy hair/spirit day that they kept all weekend! But Aaron gets the prize for looking like Mr. T!)

And here is a 6:30 clip of some celebrating afterward. You would have thought that we won the Superbowl, the NBA championship, and the World Series all in one game. It was that insane. You really have to experience it for yourself. It'll be around this time next year if anyone is interested in doing so. :)

But my favorite part in this clip is at 4:50 when they start doing the school dance. Our first pep rally three years ago when they did this, my jaw dropped. They just start stretching and suddenly they all start doing the same moves as the little elementary students try to learn and keep up. Maybe next year Seth will be able to do it. He just likes to do his own moves currently. :) (And the looks on the faces of the people in the crowd from other schools or first time ICSBers...priceless!)

These clips are from Matt Jackson whose son Ben is a starting senior on the team. Some of you may know Ben as "chicken dish boy." Thanks to Matt for doing these so that we could share them!

I reread that chicken dish story just now and totally laughed. Ah, ha ha ha ha! We purchased Ben as our senior slave at the senior auction a few weeks ago. He will pay. We are thinking of not cleaning dishes from now until May. Too bad I don't have enough dishes to last more than two days for that to work... ;) We will think of terrible things for him to do though. His mom told me he is a hard worker except when it comes to the kitchen. All I had to say was, "I know." :)

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Stefanie said...

I didn't know you got him for the auction!

Loved the videos- especially the dance.