Saturday, February 13, 2010

mainly an update on the kids

I have to keep reminding myself that I don't "deserve" anything. Sometimes I can get it stuck in my head that I deserve a break, some time away from kids, some time to myself. But I don't. I had a blissful two hours yesterday when both kids napped at the same time, and today they did the same thing. I took a nap too. These long, cold winter days are getting to me.

I don't make decisions in February for that exact reason. I don't think clearly in February. I am tired of the cold. I am tired of winter, and I am trying to look forward to something. It's so strange that it happens every February. In college I wanted to quit school or transfer close to home. When I was teaching, I wanted to quit teaching and find a new profession. And now, I don't want to quit being a mom, but I do want to move back home. It's just been several weeks of bad news after bad news. Stress upon stress. I am ready for some good news. I am ready for my heart to have a lighter feeling to it. Things will once again seem better in March. They always do! So I try to remember that this month and these feelings will pass. And hey, we're about half way done with the month already!

One thing that has really helped is to pray for others when I start feeling that way and to thank God for things. I started praying out loud the other day because I was having a hard time staying focused and Seth was driving me nuts. The Lord is good. Seth just started repeating what I said. So then we prayed together. We've done that for the last few days, and that's been great. He knows we're praying, but he doesn't understand at all what he's saying. But it starts small, right?

Enough of my winter blues and onto an update on the kids...

Seth keeps me on my toes. These temper tantrums from not getting his way are increasing. That has not helped my patience level in February. :) But he also makes me laugh every day. He says the funniest things, and I love to watch his imagination at work. He builds all sorts of things with his Lego's. He also has become interested in using various toys to pretend cook. He will get a bucket, ping pong balls, and a Lego shovel, and he will pretend he's stirring soup. He will get a rectangle block and triangle block and show how he grates cheese. I love that he thinks of these things himself. I wish I would write down everything he says. He makes me laugh all the time. But one thing he said this morning in response to Kevin saying he was going to poop (I know, totally gross that he even shared that, but that's what these boys do) was, "Dad go drop deuce." Yes, you read that right. That could very well be Kevin's proudest moment as a father.

Matt and Leah sent us a package this week. It was a combination of Christmas and Valentine's Day. LOVED it. Can't wait to see them this summer!!! Love Seth's face in the picture...his reaction to the John Deere tractor fruit snacks they sent.

And Kate, well, everyone said I wouldn't have another easy baby like Seth. For the record, I think she's even easier than Seth. I'm not saying that she's perfect and never cries or whatnot, but she is one stellar little "weet girl." I always call her my sweet girl, but since Seth can't do the initial s + consonant that I mentioned before, I have taken to calling her my weet girl because that's what he calls her. She doesn't seem to mind. :)

I am obsessed with putting headbands in the hair (or what very little she has). I think she looks adorable in them, and they are helpful in telling that she actually is a girl. I made that pink one earlier this week, and I would love to make more (so super easy!), but I don't have any other ribbon. No need to have a dozen of the exact same headbands. I am going to have to find some more ribbon to make more. I did not, however, make this one in the picture. That was in her Christmas stocking. :)

I simply adore her in this outfit. She looks good in brown. Good thing since so much of her baby clothes have brown in them! We went to a birthday party this afternoon for Ethan who turns one on Monday. I was excited to put her in shoes! She has such tiny feet, and these are the smallest shoes they make (at least here that I have seen). She kicks them off a lot, but she left them on the whole time while at the party. I got them for $3 at the grocery store. They are absolutely adorable. She will be wearing shoes all the time when her feet grow into the rest!

Kate is super eager to move all the time. She has figured out how to move around a bit without help. She will dig her feet into the couch or floor or bathtub and will push herself. She can even lift up her little butt into the air this way. Tonight when we were playing on the floor she rolled half way. Again, she really uses her strong little legs to push off. The doctor had told me that she had really long legs while in the womb. And then the three pediatricians she has seen have all said how strong she is. They said the same thing about Seth. I am wondering if she will move faster than Seth. He wasn't nearly this eager at this age. But we shall see. She likes to be able to see everything going on, and if she's in a semi-reclined position, she will try to sit up. She is not strong enough, but she wants to sit up on her own so badly!

Well, that's it for now. I'm going to head to bed at a record early time tonight. Ahhh...sleep...


Anonymous said...


Praying for you..Budapest winters can be very depressing and long..especially the ones that are snowy and will be over soon and spring will be there soon.

The kids are just the picture of Kate in that brown outfit it is really cute.
Seth sounds like he is a real character.

Anonymous said...

Kristen that last comment was from me Christine Nickle..I started a new blog on what it is like to live with a disability to encourage moms that have kids with disabilities

Stefanie said...

He just blesses my heart! :)

And maybe she'll be a runner ;)

Leah said...

Kate is so beautiful Kristen! I love love that little outfit she is wearing. I want to hear Seth's little voice! :)

Julie said...

I can totally relate...hang in there.... march will soon be here :)

Michelle and Justin said...

Only 14 days till March and the sun shined yesterday and is trying to peek through today! :)

Your kids are just adorable and that is SO great about you and Seth praying out loud!

黃立成Jeff said...
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