Tuesday, February 23, 2010

torkos csütörtök

Last Thursday was Torkos Csütörtök ("Fat Thursday"). I thought it was weird that it happened the day after Lent started, but then I learned that it happens on the third Thursday of February every year, obviously not dependent on when Ash Wednesday is. On that day, the restaurants in Budapest go half price. It's awesome!

So right after the basketball craziness started on Thursday afternoon, Kevin and I went out to dinner. We got a 10:00 p.m. dinner reservation, and it was packed until about midnight. We had basketball games at school until late, and since Kate will not take a bottle, we can't go out without kids unless she's in bed (trying to go between feedings doesn't work as service is super slow). We decided that we were going alone because we have only been out one other time just the two of us since Seth was born. Crazy to think that it's been 27 months and we've been out twice.

Anyway, Kate was in bed at 9:00 and we left shortly after. We got downtown a few minutes before our reservation, were seated at 10:20 and got drinks at 10:45. It was well after 11:00 when we got our meals, which Kevin had to have his redone because his salmon was raw. Yuck! It was almost 12:30 by the time we left. Like I said, service is slow. :) But it was a great night out without kids, and we enjoyed our half price dinners. Yum!

A few pictures for the family...

I came out of the bathroom one morning last week, and this is how I found Seth. Oh the technology they learn at this age! He knows how to work Kevin's ipod and how to do several applications without any help.

Kevin with 9 of the varsity players. No clue where the other players are! They clipped down the net and each got a piece. They also dumped a garbage can of water on Kevin after they won...while he was holding Seth. But Seth didn't get too wet, nor did he mind. He loves the "big guys." He especially loves "Big Toenail" (aka Andrew Neel, third from left) and Hooni (aka Ji Hoon, far right).

Little Kate doing what she likes best...standing and looking around. I think she was actually "dancing" here.


Michelle and Justin said...

I love the pic of Seth! So true about what our kids have now as far as technology. Unbelievable. And Kate is standing!? How long has she been doing that and how long does she stand at one time?

So glad you had a date! :)

Audrey said...

They dumped the water while he was holding Seth?!? Crazy.
I'm so thankful you got to go out on a date (to the place you wanted) last Thursday. Love you!

Julie said...

love that pic of seth...awesome....

And why is it, that there is always something wrong with TGIF when we go there? Glad you got a night out though!!!

Stefanie said...

Look at those sweet kids! :)