Monday, December 21, 2009

first snow

I have been totally slacking on my blog, and I am totally behind on writing emails. The reason? Kids. I would always blog at night after Seth went to bed, but now I have a baby who is almost always awake after he goes to bed and usually is awake until pretty late when we both decide to hit the sack. So that knocks out my blog time. Now it's Christmas break. ("Yeah Dad!" as Seth says to Kevin being home now.) I am able to steal some day time to blog.

A few of my favorite things Seth has said to Kate:
"Hi sweet girl!"
"Why you crying, baby Kate?"
"Baby Kate, you're fine!" (in response to her crying)

I have successfully ventured to the grocery store with two kids! At first I thought there was no way I could do that right now. Seth certainly cannot be turned loose to walk in the store (I tried that once a couple months ago, and let's just say that after one aisle, it was more freedom than he could handle, with lots of lovely, breakable things within his reach), and Kate needs to be in her carseat in the cart. So Seth stays in the buckleless seat in the front of the grocery cart, and Kate's carseat sits sideways behind him. It works out pretty well to put groceries in the cart that way. And I have learned the key to getting some personal space in the grocery line...Have a huge cart full of groceries and two kids, and then no one wants to get behind you! I do love my space. :)

And my baby girl is smiling! We love to try to get her to smile, and she's been doing it a lot this past week. Kate really seems to like Seth. She was smiling at him today, and she seems less fidgety when he is around her and paying attention to her. Funny and so precious to watch the two of them. I look forward to watching them over the years!

We have a few plans over Christmas break but not much. That's the way I like it. I want to do a few things, but they're nothing major. My day revolves around feeding a baby and making sure my toddler gets a nap, so those things mean we only have little chunks of time here and there to do anything. Seth rearranged the shepherd and wise men (whom he calls the "wise guys," haha!) in our nativity set. He told me that they "go see baby Jesus." Loved that he changed them from what I had.

We got about 8 inches of snow over the weekend! We've only had one or two good storms in our three winters here thus far, and this has been the biggest and the earliest. It meant we didn't get to go to a Christmas party Saturday night, but it sure was pretty coming down. It was even prettier knowing we could watch it inside in our warm house and not have to go out in it! It truly is a winter wondeland out there right now!

I was a baking machine last week. I made 6 kinds of Christmas cookies! I was adventurous... they were all new recipes. There were two kinds that I won't make again, but the rest were good, one in particular I will want to make throughout the year. I want to try one more new kind, but we'll see if I try anymore. My sister sent me some Reese's miniature peanut butter cups and Hershey Kisses in a package that isn't here yet. Once I get those, then I will make my two absolutely FAVORITE cookies. I can taste them now. Yum!

And a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my sister Stefanie and my new brother in-law Tim who were married on Saturday!!! Couldn't be happier for the two of them. We love you guys very much!


Kelly said...

Grocery shopping with two kids is always an adventure! Luckily, the store I go to has the truck carts--they have a truck on the front end with seats and a steering wheel for the kids. Madi LOVES them so much that she requests to go and drive them. So she goes there, Luke's carseat goes in the back seat part where I push. Don't think I'll be able to take three though, unless Luke is able to sit beside Madi. Otherwise, I'd have one in the truck, one in the back seat area, and a car seat in the cart part. No room for groceries.

I'm glad things are going well, and that you are finding time to bake and blog. I'll email you soon to find out more about how things are going and how you are adjusting to two kids.

Aimee said...

OOoohhh... peanut butter blossoms! That's what you're doing with those Hershey kisses! :) Those are my favorite - and I will be making them as well. Glad the kids are getting along so well and congrats on making it to the store! You're a rock star mom. :) I may be calling you for tips in a few months! And if I don't get to Skype with you beforehand... MERRY CHRISTMAS, YAIKO FAMILY! We love you and miss you guys.

Stefanie said...

I sent the package Friday, Dec 11th...hopefully it should get there soon.

I love "wise guys"...that's so cute.

Maybe you should tell Seth when he cries, "Big boy Seth, stop crying, you're fine."

Love you! :)

Doug said...

So are you going to try and work on getting your vonage set up while on vacation?