Thursday, October 1, 2009

table and chairs

It was difficult to get a good picture in of the whole table and chairs, but you get the point. Found the runner at a store in Budapest when Kevin's parents were here visiting last fall. It was way too long on the table we were borrowing last year, so it's nice that it fits so well on this one. Got the gold chargers last spring at the most adorable store that was literally only open for a few months. Super bummed it closed because they had really cute decorative stuff at prices that I thought weren't bad at all, and plus the mall was super close to us. But I am pleased with the table and chairs. Wouldn't be what I would pick out if I had any choice in the world, but I do like it.

And Jenny, there's some gold for you. I told you I like it now!

Kevin left early this morning to go on/lead the high school retreat. Prayers for him, the staff, and the students are much appreciated! They'll get back late Saturday.


Magyar Journey said...

Looks great!

Doug said...

I like it! Can't wait to eat at it!

Jenny said...

the gold certainly gives it class! You have such great taste. The table and chairs are beautiful. I love that dark wood color. I know I've said it before, but you have such an eye for decorating. It looks like it could be in a magazine.
I'm praying for you this week while Kevin is away.
Love ya,

Julie said...

i really like it too and LOVE that you finally could post a picture :) I would LOVE to have chairs like those. Are they comfy? If they are you need to tell me how much this set was on sale... I am curious... but I know it cannot fit in our not sure why I am asking...