Monday, September 7, 2009

little things

We are doing some babysitting once again. Actually, this will most likely be our last time for quite some time. I don't think we'll be babysitting much after baby #2 arrives, and I probably won't want to do it after she arrives anyway. So we enjoy the Hollowell kids this week!

Sunday night is almost always pizza night at the Yaiko household. (And by the way, Seth loves to say "Yaiko." So funny.) Kevin is in charge and makes his own dough. Yummy! Last night was no different just because we're not at our house. Drew wanted to help, so he did. I have hilarious stories about Drew, mainly because he's a boy and boys love their boy parts. But this kid seriously cracks me up.

And we have been playing games and lots of "War" (or some other variation of it) a lot this weekend. We looked over last night, and Drew and Seth decided they wanted to play, too. So they started their own game...

I am also enjoying having the internet while we are here. Today has been ever so productive in internet-related things, mainly email. I cut my inbox down to less than half of what it was! Yeah! I still have a ways to go, but I feel really good about what I got done.

And how does one get so many emails done in one afternoon with kids? Well, 2 are at school, 2 are napping, and 1 is at a playdate. This house is silent, and I am loving every moment. It will end shortly, but I am enjoying it and making the most out of my free time. Ahhhh...

Plus, I got to talk to my parents for the first time since we got back 4 weeks ago. That is a record for me. I think the longest I had ever gone was maybe 2 weeks. It was a short lived conversation due to a dying phone, but it was good to hear their voices. I am so anxious to have the internet working at our house and being able to use Vonage once again!

Oh, and huge praise in what I had mentioned earlier in frustrations with grad school. As Kevin stated, he "enjoys watching God provide in the little things and is trusting Him for the big things." Still lots of big things out there that we are really trusting the Lord with, but the little things are just as neat. Thank you Jesus!

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New Beginnings said...

Enjoy the house I know we did for the 8 yrs we lived there..seems strange to see other people in the house besides us. Hope you have gotten to meet Sharon O. She is a great friend and is alot of fun to work with.