Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My curtains came today! I had ordered curtains this summer for the house here with some birthday money and realized on the day we were leaving that I had accidentally shipped them to our home in Ohio! I totally broke down and cried, not really because of the curtains, although that was a huge disappointment, but because of the emotions of leaving. That led to Seth crying, which led to my mom crying. Poor Kevin had a rough morning that day. :) But we emailed the guy who is renting from us and asked if he minded forwarding them on to here. And they arrived today! No more tears, except for the fact that we had to pay oodles in shipping. Ugh.

I was so anxious to get them up and see what they looked like that I didn't even bother ironing them first. Then after looking at the one window decided they desperately needed ironing, so I spent almost three hours ironing the curtains. I tried taking a picture tonight, but the lighting was terrible. So I'll have to try to take some pictures tomorrow for you to see. They are a little short, but the longest they come in is 95", so it'll have to do. There is furniture in the way so it's not too noticeable except in the dining room, which Kevin reminded me will also not be noticeable once we get a table and chairs there.

I am super pleased and it really adds some richness to the room. The colors are totally "me" finally, as there is so much that is not me here. I also got curtains for our bedroom this summer as well from Target, and they look awesome if you squint and not pay attention to the clashing of the purple walls. :) But I am loving all the curtains in the house now and feeling much more at home.

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