Monday, August 17, 2009

my son has made a liar out of me

All summer long it seems that Seth had one goal: Make Mommy a liar. And if that was his goal, he surely succeeded.

Here is how a typical conversation/dinner time would go:

Person: "Does Seth like ____?"
Me: "Oh, yes, Seth loves ____!"
Sit down and give food that he loves to him.
Seth either pushes it away and refuses to eat it or puts it in his mouth and then spits it out.

Repeat scenario countless times at anyone's home.

Return to Budapest and he is now eating every food that we always thought he loved that he refused this summer.

Yesterday my aunt and uncle and two of my cousins were here in Budapest after their two week cruise on the Danube ended here. We go into the city and have dinner with them. My uncle asked ahead of time if Seth does okay in restaurants or if we want a babysitter.

Me: "Seth does so well in restaurants!"

Scene at the restaurant: Seth throws a huge temper tantrum, cries non-stop for what seemed like hours but was probably only a couple minutes, clears everything off the table he can reach, and then hits me.

So you see, apparently I am a liar and I have no clue who my kid is.


Anonymous said...

That just means he gave your aunt and uncle something specifically to remember about the trip! Love, Dad

Aimee said...

Aww... I'm sure it wasn't a big deal at all. My family was just excited to see you guys! And I think kids secretly know that you've said things - and then make plans to do the exact opposite, just to spite you for kicks! ;)

Anonymous said...

Aimee's right - she did it all the time growing up!

Life with Ash and Ave said...

Welcome to life with a toddler! It's harder on mom than him! :)

Aimee said...

And yes... I'm sure I probably did that as a child ;) If I didn't, it certainly sounds like something I might've done!