Saturday, August 22, 2009


Still no internet. Not a surprise but nonetheless causing various levels of frustration. If you have emailed us since we've been back, we are eons behind in emails. One of these days whenever we get the internet I will get caught up on all things internet-related.

It's been busy around here. We've been seeing everyone and meeting the new people who have come. We had a potluck dinner the other night with over 70 people to welcome the new staff at school. Last year we had the same thing but there was maybe only two dozen people. (Sniff, sniff, that's where I first met Kacie and now she's gone...) I guess it was later this year and so more people could come. Not sure, but it was fun to see people since we'd been gone all summer. Last year I had most of the new teachers over for dinner by the time school had started, and I haven't had a single one over yet. It will help once we get a table and chairs.

Speaking of table and chairs, I saw one in one of the weekend ads today that I actually liked. I showed it to Kevin and he said, "What's a smoking table?" I didn't read the description of the table, just liked the color and style. So after looking at it some more, I realized it was only a coffee table, not a dining room table. Note to self: they call them "smoking tables" here instead of "coffee tables."

We had our first UWM team meeting last night for the new school year. We have one new couple and two new single women who joined the team, so that was fun. I had actually met everyone before, and it was fun catching up with our other teammates. Got the all-important info on acquiring new residency permits. Ugh. Ours expired over the summer, so we have 90 days to get a new one. It costs a lot of money. Double ugh. But we follow the laws and need to get that done in the upcoming weeks. Praying that we get longer than a year. Lots of people have been getting three year ones and even a few five year ones. We'll see!

And we had to say goodbye to Gabi last night. She left this morning for Denmark where she will spend her last semester of graduate school studying business. This is an international thing where all of the courses will be conducted in English. She said she hopes to come back fluent. I told her she already is. Kevin and I vowed to learn 10 new words by the time she comes back in January. We set low goals. :) Zsolt will be sad without her, so we hope to have him over lots. Another Hungarian friend of ours, Gabor, goes to Germany September 1st for the same sort of thing. We will miss our friends but are excited for them and look forward to next semester when we can hang out with them again.

And now pictures of the kitchen (from the day we moved in) as promised:

Isn't it just beautiful and huge?! I absolutely love it!!! Two of us can be in there at the same time and turn around without any problem. The door next to the fridge is a pantry. I am so grateful.

And for those of you who this summer I told that Seth loves tomato:

Despite him not eating them earlier, he is back to eating them. He ate almost an entire one the other night when I was making dinner. He is definitely a boy growing up in Europe with his love of them!


Magyar Journey said...

I miss you, too, friend! Your new place looks great, from the looks of the kitchen, anyhow. :) Wish I could be there to bake something awesome and break in the new place with you! Does the fact that you want a longer permit mean you are already thinking longer term?
More pictures would be delightful, when you get internet! Pictures of you, the rest of the house, etc. :)

Mom Y. said...

Oh Kristen, how nice! I don't even mind the peach color. I found one of the "bracelets" today that Seth was throwing around the living room behind some stuff on a shelf - the little stinker!! We could use him as we are getting lots of tomatoes from the garden now.

Stefanie said...

Nice kitchen!!!