Wednesday, May 6, 2009

using the school computer once again

Taking advantage of the peace and quiet at school after ELI tonight...

I stole this picture from Kacie. That's Emily and Becca in the picture with me. It's from last Friday when we had no school and instead I got to have brunch and make jewelry with a bunch of fantastic chicas. Kacie organized the whole thing. It was very fun. And if I wear Pam's black dress to the banquet on Saturday night, I can wear my awesome green necklace and matching earrings. :)

ELI is wrapping up for the year. Not sure of the exact date it will end, but I am thinking two more weeks. Last week was so great, only three of my favorites here and we just chatted. Conversation is very important in learning a new language (and a lot easier for me!). I had a lot more people tonight and told them that we didn't do anything out of the book last week since so few people were here. Norbert told me how much he enjoyed the conversation last week. I was glad to hear it because I certainly enjoyed it.

Zsolt's kindness continues to amaze me. I truly am in awe of how God brought this friendship together. Never expected it. So glad He did!

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Life with Ash and Ave said...

Looks like you are as beautiful as ever and doing great! Hopefully I'll see you this summer to catch up.