Tuesday, March 24, 2009

working for the time being

We've been without the internet for several days yet again. Usually it'll shut off for a day and then come back on for a bit and then shut off again. But nope, it's just been off for days. We finally had someone call for us to see what was up. I don't know if that actually did the trick or if it was just coincidence because the internet started back up this afternoon. But I am happy as it works for the time being.

We went back to dance class tonight as well. We had taken a break during February as we were crazy with babysitting and basketball. We had planned to go back at the beginning of March, but we have had one thing or another on Tuesday night, so tonight we finally went back at it again. We learned new steps to the Jitterbug. We had learned the beginning steps in level one, and then we didn't do anything with it in level two. I don't know if we are in level three now or just something else. Anyway, it's a good workout!

And Kevin is away this Friday and Saturday as a chaperone for the orphanage trip the students do every year as one of their ministries. He went last year and had a good time, and they asked him to chaperone again. He'll come back tired, but the children will love it!

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Anonymous said...

So that's why the phone went right to VM! Love Dad