Monday, March 16, 2009

not much blogging

Wow, it has been a long time (for me) since I blogged! That mainly has to do with the fact that our internet is the most stinky internet ever. We are now tracking all of the time it's down so that we can give that to someone who speaks Hungarian and can complain for us. We need to get it figured out because it's really driving me nuts!

But not much has been happening around here. More new people again at ELI last week. I think it's mainly the same people now just trying to figure out which class they belong in so they are switching around. I have had several new people stay in my class, and we seem to be meshing well. And you know those two girls I said I was having some difficulty with in the past, well, I had to talk to them this week. It wasn't so fun, but Zsolt said I did what I should have. We'll see how it goes with them this week.

There was no school this past Friday, so that was nice. It's been a long haul with no days off since Christmas! (Of course I mean for everyone else because I obviously am not at school anymore!) We didn't do anything on Kevin's day off, and then he woke up Saturday with some nasty bug. He has barely moved off the couch since Saturday morning. Looks like he'll be staying home again tomorrow, but he wants to see if he feels any better in the morning. I am grateful that Seth and I are both feeling very healthy and are not sick. I am praying it stays that way!

I have been in a cooking/baking mood like crazy. However, I want to make stuff and freeze it so I'll have it for later, not to eat right now. But since our freezer is the size of a shoe box, I am all out of room. But I have gotten a few things done and in there. I am currently making some peanut butter granola. It smells delicious, and I hope it'll taste as good as it smells.

And I have been meaning to share a prayer request for little Eli. My friend Julie, whom I have talked about before, is a missionary here with her husband Zach and her two little boys Eli and Jasper. Well, Eli is VERY sick. Today has been the first day with some positive news it seems, but please go to her blog if you get a chance. Eli has been in the hospital for two weeks I think and he'll be in there for a while yet. He has already had a surgery, and now they are waiting for cranial pressure to go down and a clot behind his eye to go away, too. It has caused paralysis in his eye. It is very serious. I know they would appreciate any and all prayer!

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