Sunday, February 8, 2009

love deeply

I am always amazed that God loves me unconditionally, even when I let him down time after time, day after day. How can he love someone like me so deeply?

And how can I love others deeply? My love is nothing like that of Christ's, but if I call myself a child of God, then I must love others. Not just love them, but love them deeply. Sometimes that seems impossible. Sometimes people just make it very difficult, and yet my Savior does that for me. And let me tell you that I let him down way more than others let me down.

The sanctification process is ongoing and never easy. But I am grateful that God continues to love me deeply in the process. I am also grateful that he shows his love by providing me with Godly women who love deeply to encourage and challenge me. :)

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Whittington McLemore said...

I respect you so much! You have such great perspective - spiritual perspective!!! It was great to talk to you felt like old times!!!! I LOVED IT!