Tuesday, February 3, 2009

don't have to doubt myself

I took Seth to the doctor today. He has another nasty cold, and I wanted to make sure that he didn't have an ear infection as well. Seth plays with his ears all the time, but everyone keeps asking me if he has an ear infection when they see him playing with his ears. I start to get worried when countless people ask that, and then I doubt myself and what I know to be true of Seth. (Mind you, they ask because they care, not to make me feel bad!) So I took him in to see the doctor that comes to school twice a week. I am pleased to say that although he does have a yucky cold, he does NOT have an ear infection. His ears are clean. Yeah! Now I don't have to doubt myself as a mother...in this area...yet. My heart is at ease. The doctors here are very cautious, so he gave me a couple prescriptions to help keep his nose as clear as possible so that it wouldn't develop into a bad sinus infection and ear infection later. He also told me to do the orrszívó-porszívó. You may remember that it is a vacuum cleaner attachment that sucks boogers out of little kids' noses. It's gross but totally does the trick. Only in Hungary would that be part of the "prescription" to get better!

Being "mom" to the other kiddos today meant lots of listening to stories about various people's love lives, including teachers. Ha ha. New relationships and break-ups. Who is going with who to the Valentine's banquet. And one big broken heart. I'm glad Seth has plenty of time before he reaches that stage. :)

Oh, and bonus, I didn't have to pay to see the doctor today! Staff members at the school get one free visit each year, and since Kevin hasn't used his yet, they just let Seth have it. How nice of them!


Julie said...

yeah for a free visit! Glad he doesn't have an ear infection!!!

Kacie said...

Teachers here have love lives? Who knew?