Sunday, January 11, 2009

ready for a new week, sort of

I've been sick for over a week now. I am definitely feeling better now than earlier, so that's a good thing. I still can't smell or taste much of anything, which is a bummer. At least I am sleeping okay now. I haven't felt like doing anything since I have been sick, and that has included cooking. Poor Kevin. He has hung in there with me and has survived. I hope to get back to normal this week.

Part of that would mean going to the grocery store. We have no food, so in order for me to cook, that means I have to buy food. It is frigid outside. Let me tell you how eager I go out with Seth to grocery shop. He loves to be out and about, or just to be outside period, and I love taking him out. It's just so cold!

We did venture to the mall last night, just to get something to eat and get out of the house. Again, it was SO cold. But we let Seth out of the stroller and let him wander around. He loved that. He is definitely not our little baby any more. He suddenly looks so old to me. I must say though that we are enjoying this stage so much. He was interested in making friends with everyone he passed who was sitting or near his level. He was especially interested in making friends with a little girl who had an ice cream cone. People like to talk to you when you have an adorable kid roaming around and waving hello and goodbye to everyone. Wish I could say more to them.

Good news is that our car is running pretty well this winter. I thought it would really struggle, but it's doing well. Praise the Lord!

Life went back to normal in all other regards this week. Kevin headed back to school this past Monday. We had dance and volleyball Tuesday night, only half of which I attended because of being sick. I had ELI Wednesday night and Bible study Thursday. I was honestly dreading ELI because I just didn't feel well, but it was by far the best night ever. I was so glad I went. Only 4 people showed up, but the 4 who showed up are my favorite, and we had so much fun. Zsolt even told me at the end of class that it was his favorite evening. I was glad to hear that.

These upcoming weeks are going to be busy. We have been asked to babysit for a couple families for a total of almost 6 weeks! It will be fun, interesting, and I'm sure a challenge. I even get to homeschool for one family. Fortunately I'm only homeschooling one of the kids, and that boy is in 2nd grade, a level in which I am fairly confident homeschooling. It'll mean lots of new roles, new responsibilities, and I'm not sure how it'll all work. I especially wonder how we'll work around our dance lessons, volleyball, English classes, basketball, and everything else. But I am looking forward to it and think it'll be good.


Julie said...

wow that is a lot of watching kiddos... praying you have the energy to do all that... and I am glad you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you mean by "cold" but we are supposed to be below zero by mid-week. We ended up getting 6-10" of snow yesterday (Ohare had 11" - hard to tell what we ended up with) and now the cold. That means the snow will be around for awhile. Love, Dad