Friday, January 9, 2009

burn clean, burn fast, natural gas

EU Monitors Arrive in Kiev in Effort to Resume Gas Shipments to Europe

Quite the article to read, brought to my attention by Audrey. I told Kevin, and he already knew. I guess I've been too sick to stay up with the news. Shame on me.

For those of you who don't want to read the article, it basically says that Russia thinks Ukraine is stealing some of the natural gas. Ukraine denies this. Russia gets mad. You get the picture.

So Russia cut off its natural gas supply to Ukraine. That means that Ukrainians are without heat. That means that 15 other countries, most of those in Eastern and Central Europe, have had their Russian gas cut off too, as it runs through the pipelines in Ukraine. Hungary is one such country. Praise the Lord we are not without heat.

People in Bulgaria are also without heat. Slovakia is getting gas from Poland. Serbia has asked for emergency help from Germany, Austria, and Hungary.

My mind cannot help but think and pray for all of those freezing people (literally). I know how cold our flat is, and we still have heat. I cannot imagine not having any. And apparently they are experiencing temperatures more frigid than normal for this time of year.

The EU stepped in. Still working on the details. Hopefully the gas will be flowing again by Monday.

Sidenote: The title of my post today is the chant we learned in 2nd grade while I was teaching at Worthington. We did a science unit on energy every year, and we learned the 10 forms of energy, each with their own chant and motions. That was the one for natural gas.

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Julie said...

missed you yesterday... heard you weren't feeling well. So sorry to hear that. Praying you are better soon and i get to see you again... haven't seen you this year yet ;)