Tuesday, January 27, 2009

one more day...

...in this household. Then we move on to the next family to babysit tomorrow afternoon. Crazy busy days. This next family also has five kids, but we're only watching two (two are in college and one girl is Seth's age and going with them). We've watched them before. I am super excited because they have a clothes dryer! I didn't know that last time, so I am excited to have a few clothes dried that haven't been dried in a year and a half. Ah, no stiff shirts and underwear for a couple weeks. :)

I would appreciate any prayers as we prepare for Spiritual Emphasis Week next week. Serina and I are only doing things for the elementary, not for the whole school, but this is not my forte. I have no problem getting up in front of kids, but this sort of things stresses me out because it is something I am not good at. It's easier to do things that you are comfortable doing and planning for. The stress for me comes from having no idea what to do. I am grateful for Serina and her creative mind that is very good at these things. I'm just going to tag along with her.

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