Sunday, December 28, 2008

that's not the way steven sings it

This post is dedicated to one of my old roommates from college, Jenny, who just started her own blog. Yeah for that!

So about a week ago, I had this major déjà vu thing happen. Audrey was over and singing a song when Mary stopped by for a moment. Mary asked her who sang the song and said, "Let's let _____ sing it." (I don't remember who it was, hence the blank.) I laughed and laughed. No one else did.

But if Aimee or Jenny were here, they would have laughed too!

"That's not the way Steven sings it!"

Ah, ha ha ha ha ha!


Aimee said...

THAT IS AWESOME!!!!! I am laughing so loud in my office as I read this blog (don't worry, I'm on my lunch break). I will never forget Ben Sabine (aka "Ben I Science Guy" and his snooty little comment. Hilarious :) Wish I could be there to laugh with you!

Jenny said...

Oh My Goodness! That's soooooo funny! If I was then who I am now.. I would have smacked him upside the head and said "GET OUT"! OH I miss those days so often! Thanks for the laugh.