Saturday, December 27, 2008

i've eaten so much junk

We trust all of you had a wonderful Christmas! We did. We got to spend a lot of time with several families over the last few days. We've actually been quite busy, but as I was discussing with someone else, being busy during this time keeps your mind off of being with the ones you love and miss.

Our internet managed to work on Christmas day, so we got to do the webcam with my parents and Kevin's parents. That was fun. I must say that Kevin's parents should win a prize because they got up at 2:00 a.m. their time so that they could see Seth first thing in the morning. That is love!

Seth is loving his Lego's. Yeah! And I haven't stolen any of them...yet. :) He is trying to stack them but can't quite get it yet, but he's loving them. He was spoiled rotten by everyone, and he has so many new clothes, toys, and books. We haven't had time to try his new train set yet, but I am excited to see what he thinks of that. He loves Little People, and he got a lot of that. Anyway, he is having a fun time actually playing with the toys. Thank you to everyone!!!

Zsolt and Gabi stopped by to bring us some traditional Hungarian begli (guessed on the spelling of it) that Zsolt's mom made for us and a Christmas gift for Seth. I was SO touched by them! They said they looked for a basketball but couldn't find one and got him the fútbol (soccer ball) instead. He is living in Europe right now after all! He loves this ball and has been kicking it and throwing it ever since he got it.

And today was the alumni basketball game and luncheon. Kevin coached the varsity team to victory over the alumni. They were happy. We had a lunch afterwards, where the director of the school told everyone that Seth is the "unofficial mascot" for the school. :)

We don't have much planned this week, so it'll be a nice relaxing week. Don't know if the internet will be working this week, but you'll know if I'm still blogging!


Kelly said...

I'm glad you had a good Christmas! I can't believe the U. George & A. Bugsy climbed out of bed that early for the webcam! That must have been a treat!

Audrey said...

Greetings from Ireland! Love ya!

Stefanie said...

The only reason you haven't stolen them yet is because they are big ones, not little ones that you can make a really cool house out of!