Friday, December 5, 2008

no party

There should be a law that once you become a mother that you aren't allowed to be sick ever again. Wouldn't that be nice?!

Due to illnesses, we had to cancel Seth's birthday "party" tomorrow night. It was just a little gathering with our Hungarian friends and Audrey, who is practically Hungarian anyway. :) But we're all sick (Kevin is now too!), so is Nusi, and Audrey was earlier this week as well. We are bummed, but a party is no fun if we're all sick. And the healthy people wouldn't appreciate it either!

Oh well. Hopefully we can reschedule. Maybe it'll be a basketball themed Christmas party instead! :)


Julie said...

so sorry I guess that means that I won't see you at the mom's time... I was hoping to see you... praying you all feel better and I agree about the fact mom's shouldn't be allowed to get sick!!!

Stefanie said...

Boo :(

Nina said...

Being sick is no fun! Poor Seth...I am sure for years to come he will remember the terrible year he couldn't celebrate his birthday (things scar children at very young ages...I remember everything from when I was one!) Just kidding!Hope you're feeling better soon!