Thursday, November 6, 2008

more catch up

More crazy days but things should be settling down now...

People over here keep asking me about the election. The people who keep asking me are not Americans. The people who keep asking me speak very little English. It interests me that they all are so interested in the US election.

Last night several Hungarians at ELI asked me what I thought about the election and what I thought about Obama. The Hungarian lady who was doing some cooking and laundry at the house we were staying at this week asked me. A Korean mom I know who is learning English asked me what I thought, especially knowing that I am from Chicago. The Iranian guys at the food court tonight asked me what I thought. "Obama, jo?!" The world is interested. Amazing that one country's elections affect everyone else, or have thus far.

Speaking of the food court guys, let me tell you about them. There is a little place in the food court called "Piramis" that I LOVE. It's kind of Greek, kind of not. I went there for the first time last year and just loved their csirke pitaban. It's chicken and some veggies in a pita. Pretty healthy. Pretty good. Any time we're at the mall near meal time, that's what I get. And let me be honest, I've probably been there a dozen times in the last year.

But I must be a memorable person or something because they seriously know me there. I know, I know, there's something wrong if a person at a food court knows me. I don't know why they know me because how many people go through there everyday and a dozen times over an entire year? They just start ringing up my order when they see me in line and smile and say hello. We chat here and there in limited English, limited Hungarian. They know I live here because we had a conversation about that this summer. They think I'm too young looking to be a mom.

(Side note: Everyone asks where we're from, and they of course mean generally. I always think that it's not hard to tell with the accent differences, but foreigners don't hear it like we do. Anyway, when asked, I want to be respectful of all countries on the two continents in the Western hemisphere, so I say I'm from the United States. 9 times out of 10 they just look at me with a quizzical look and ask again, and then I say America and everyone then nods.)

Anyway, we went to the mall to grab something quick to eat since we're done babysitting the Weir's now and don't have any food at our house. Of course I went to Piramis. I walked by and he started making my food before I had even paid this time, and got it all ready. Then all three men started asking me about the election and Obama. Such limited English on their part and limited Hungarian on my part meant not much of a real conversation, but they remember that I'm American, not British. Anyway, that's when one of them said he loved me. Maybe it's because I'm keeping their little place in business.

But we're back home and are in our own bed tonight after a couple weeks of sleeping elsewhere. The pull-out couch we have isn't bad at all. I was pleasantly surprised. So if anyone wants to come visit, you can have our bed and we'll take the couch again.

I enjoyed hanging out with older kids this week. They take care of themselves, which I know is normal but I'm so used to little ones (not just Seth but second graders for the last few years). I got the low down on every middle school relationship from Janie and all the drama that goes on in middle school. Do NOT miss those days. I think middle school teachers should be paid more than all other teachers. Seriously. Anyway, I just loved hanging out with teenagers. They are great kids, and I look forward to doing it again some time. I had another mom at the volleyball game tonight say that they're going to call us to watch their five kids sometime soon.

Well, that's a lot of words for one night. I'll leave you with a picture of what just came out of my oven that is making the house smell wonderful. It's for kids at school tomorrow for something Kevin is doing, so I won't be eating any of it. And Leah, this is the loaf pan I was telling you about!

Oh, and I guess I'll show one more of the cutie stinker we love so much who turns one in only 20 days!!!


Whittington McLemore said...

He's HUGE!!!!

Julie said...

nice to have places you like to go to eat here...and everyone of my Hungarian friends love Obama... it is amazing.
Yeah for Seths upcoming birthday... where you ever able to make birthday invites for him?

New Beginnings said...

He is getting so big...when did he grow up? One already...WOW!!!

Miss you guys

Aimee said...

Man... I can't get over how much Seth has grown. And look at that blond hair!! It's hard to tell what color it is in some of the videos - but this shot is definitely clear. He's so cute - you guys must just eat it up :) And FYI - if you read my blog about Shane and noticed the "thing he says that surprises me"... we were watching a video of Seth when he said that. Thought you'd appreciate that tidbit ;)

jennifer@love,laughter,and lyrics said...

He is so cute!