Friday, November 14, 2008

day 8

Have I mentioned already this week that I am grateful for Zsolt and Gabi and getting to hang out with them?! I invited them to ICSB's middle school production of Seussical the Musical tonight, and they actually came! Zsolt told me that they probably wouldn't come, so I was very surprised when he called around dinner to tell us that they would come. They ended up coming over to our house afterwards to hang out, and it was fun. Only wish we lived closer to Nusi so we could do that more as well. But I am most definitely grateful for spending more time with Hungarian friends.

I am also grateful that God has given the singing and acting talents to many people, not including myself (and I'm not saying that to be modest). Tonight's musical was a great opportunity to see some pretty amazing middle schoolers use these talents and have fun. I loved getting to see some students who were in elementary last year suddenly seeming so much older now that they've crossed over into middle school, although it's only one floor above where they were located in the building last year! By the way, the school gym is not always the best place to have these productions but is really the only place. It can be difficult to hear, etc. Anyway, Zsolt informed me that even if he didn't understand a word (which he said he did understand some, which is saying a lot because even I had difficulty!), he said it would still have been very good. They were both impressed with the kids and really enjoyed the show.

I am grateful for God giving me the patience I needed today in a situation that has gotten the best of me before. I am grateful that God opened my eyes to see this situation in a new light and reminded me that it's not about what I want to do or feel like doing. I am called to do what he wants me to do, and today when I started to cringe at the thought of what he was asking me to do, he gave me the strength to follow through. I am grateful that he forgives me and allows me to try again and again!

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