Monday, November 24, 2008

day 18

I am grateful for good food with good company. We were taken out to dinner tonight by the director of ICSB and his wife for Indian cuisine. It was SO delicious! (And I thought of you, Audrey, as we ate.) I haven't had much experience with that type of food, but everything I had was delicious. I'm not sure how authentic it was because, after all, we're in Hungary and not in India, but I hear it's not too far off. Our UWM mission leader and his family were ministering in India before moving to Hungary, and they said that it tasted similar. I thought it was yummy! And our time with the Welsh's was also enjoyable. I am grateful for a new cuisine I like and for the leadership of our school. The administration really knows, loves, and cares for us.

I am also grateful that we made it there and back safely. There was quite a bit of snow falling when we left, and the roads were not in the best condition. I prayed a lot on our drive there that we would be safe, and we were. Someone in the other lane spun out just ahead of us as the car tried to quickly pass a bus, forgetting to take into account the road conditions. We saw an accident and another car that went off the road. I thanked God a lot that we were safe!

I am grateful for God's grace in my life and his ability to allow me to be clueless at times. I know that sounds like a weird thing to be grateful for, but in looking back, I realize how God has protected me from various things by allowing me to be oblivious to what's going on (or not going on) around me. I'm not dumb. I'm just glad that God knows what's best for me and protects me from things that could do harm or produce sinful thoughts and attitudes in my heart. (Now I am praying I remember this when I recall those things!)

By the way, I have baked 72 cupcakes. Not bad. Not bad at all. More than half done. :)

And if you happen to read this and were in Malta at a conference a week or two ago and happened to run into someone who knew me, let me know who you are! The Welsh's said they met someone there who knew me but can't remember who it was. What a small world! I'm sure I would say "hello" back to you if I knew who you were.

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Kacie said...

Two things:
1. Kim's from Chicago... she sees a lot of snow, and she was thinking there was a chance for snow day, too!
2. Save a cupcake for me! :)

Ok, I lied, three things-- is Hungary considered the north, or were you referencing the fact that you are from the north?