Wednesday, October 8, 2008

got the giggles

The students in my ELI class tonight were giggly like a bunch of junior high girls. I have no idea what was funny, and I couldn't understand most of what they said because they said it in Hungarian. I did actually get one of the jokes, but who knows what they were saying after that. I just couldn't get over all of these grown adults giggling so much. It reminded me of my junior high Spanish class with Mrs. Jameson. It was good to be back though. Kevin taught for me last week since I was so sick.

Zsolt wasn't there because he and Gabi are in Egypt scubadiving! Seriously. Crazy.

I chatted with Nusi on the phone tonight, who by the way just got back from Greece. Seriously. Double crazy. SO jealous!

But I learned a new word tonight in Hungarian that I have seen many times and didn't know what it meant. It reminds me of the word for "shoes" but is found on certain food items. Audrey and I talked about it because she didn't know what it meant either. But I certainly hope our food isn't "shoe" flavored! Anyway, tonight I learned that csípős means something like "spicy." So, Audrey, those Smack brand packages with that on there, we now know!!!

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Audrey said...

Aha. It is all becoming clear! Spicy.