Thursday, August 21, 2008


...from last night...stolen from Julie!

The gang having a picnic with yummy food. Justin and Michelle on the left, us in the middle back, and Eli, Zach and Jasper (in the stroller) on the right. Julie took the picture. :)

Seth and Jasper playing. Seth is into grabbing everyone's faces. Jasper is SO laid back. They were so cute to watch together!

The girls: Michelle, me, and Julie.

The boys playing video games: Kevin, Justin, and Zach.

Eli and his super cool glow sticks at the fireworks.

I took this picture, and it's not the best picture of the fireworks but we had a great backdrop! Beautiful churches and cathedrals not lacking in Europe. Ah!
Seth fell asleep towards the end of the fireworks. Kevin got him out of the stroller, into his car sear, and into his crib back at home all while he was like this, all curled up like a newborn!


Julie said...

I promise I will get you the pictures... there aren't too many more, but I will send what I have, but it will have to wait till tomorrow...sorry!

Stefanie said...

Way to rock the gymboree outfit. One of my favs.

Michelle said...

That was such a fun evening! I'm glas we could all get together.