Saturday, August 23, 2008

a fun day and the first week

I had such a fun day out and about! Hit up the antique market again this morning to see what was there. Found a couple of great deals. Thanks to Kevin for allowing to buy them! Hopefully soon there will be a "before and after" picture of a cheap-o thing I got and hope to redo. So fun!

This was the first week of school, and it was only two days! Kevin picked up a new class -- weights. All of his math classes are the same from last year. He really enjoyed seeing all the kids again. I of course went over to visit and say hello BOTH days. That's right, even though I no longer teach, I still go and visit a lot. Seth of course is always with me and brings joy to all who see him. One teacher said she hoped he'd come over and visit every day for that reason. Now he makes these hysterical faces and will wave. When he does the two together, he is irresistible! Yes, he is super cute. Someone said that bringing him over to school is a ministry to a bunch of them. What a sweet thing to say!

Kevin and I are having some good laughs rewatching old episodes of "The Office." It's our favorite show and makes us laugh. Off to enjoy that with him!


Stefanie said...

Weights? Maybe Kevin should join in :)

Kelly said...

Josh and I are also hooked on The Office. I think we've been through the 3 seasons about 3 times this summer. Can't wait for the new ones to start!

Nina said...

Gosh darnit...I miss you guys. Glad everything in Hungary is going so well! Love ya!