Thursday, July 24, 2008

it's late and i should be in bed...

...but I was SO excited to start watching season 3 of "The Closer." Whittington got me hooked on the show just before she left and gave us the first two seasons of it. Then I received the most wonderful birthday package in the mail from her, and in there was season 3. I only wish it was not a summer show because that means there are not as many episodes! I am loving it though. You know how much I loved it all, Whit!!! You are the best.

Not only did I receive that package this week, but we also got ANOTHER one today from Kevin's parents!!! Two packages in one week, are you serious?! It was so fun. Thank you!

This morning we had to make a trip back to immigration to pick up our residency permits. The only thing we had to do was check them over for spelling errors and sign our names, and we were free to go. Of course they spelled my name wrong for the millionth time in Hungary. They always spell it the Hungarian way. I understand that, since we are living here and all, but since I am not Hungarian, you'd think they'd check the spelling. The lady looked at me and then at my passport and realized their mistake. Then we had to sit forever for them to print me a new permit. How hard is it to check the spelling BEFORE you print it on a legal document? Anyway, we all got our residency permits and are legally allowed to live here until July 30 of next year. YEAH!


Stefanie said...

Awww cute new picture! (Besides the fact that Kevin is wearing an office shirt).

Julie said...

I am so bummed that they limited our permits to stay for 1 year. It really stinks. Sorry you had to go through all that!