Monday, July 21, 2008


I singed the hair off part of my hand this evening. I was trying to light the oven for dinner. I have done it countless times over this last year, so I don't know what happened. I honestly think there is something wrong with the oven, as one burner on top no longer works and another one (the only good one) is starting to give us problems. Anyway, I held in the gas like always for just two or three seconds and then put the lit match near where I knew it would catch. Flames literally jumped out of the entire oven, which caused me to jump back immediately and throw the match, which must have gone out as I threw it because nothing caught on fire. My hand really hurt, but it wasn't until later that I looked down and realized that most of the hair on the left side of my right hand is gone.

I had several thoughts in that split second and a few seconds afterwards... I was glad that my face wasn't down there, as I tend to bend down pretty low to make sure that the match lit the gas. I was also glad that I have a nervous system that responds so quickly that I don't even have a moment to think about what to do in that time. When learning about the human body in second grade science, I would often use the example of touching something burning hot to help describe how fast the nerves travel and communicate with our brain and body. Anyway, that conversation I have had multiple times over the years was recalled and I thanked God for it! I was also glad that nothing else happened besides some missing hair and one little burn spot. (I have been burned pretty badly before. I don't recall the pain of it but just the ice and the cast thingy put on. I also remember what I was doing and my thought process at about age 5 when I did burn myself. I am sure my family will have some sarcastic remark for me remembering that!)

Anyway, does anyone else think that between the finger episode last week and now the hand episode today in the kitchen that this may be a sign that I should stop cooking dinner or just working in the kitchen period?!


Stefanie said...

Funny you should mention your memory. We just talked the other day about you "recalled" some history event that happened when you were little.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kevin can make his famous pizzas each night! Love Dad

jennifer said...

DEFINITELY. It's a Divine Sign that you aren't meant to be the one cooking! Kevin should do it all. :-)

Go with it. It works!

leah said...

you are starting to run out of places to have minor injuries...I would definitely stop now....before we hear of major injuries!