Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a lot of last minute plans...

...equals one fun day!

So Seth woke up at the crack of dawn, actually quite a bit later than that but nonetheless super early. It's as bright as it'll get around 4:30. He was awake and ready to go at 5:30. I was not. Oh well. He was back down for his morning nap at 7:00! He usually isn't even up until then.

It ended up working out well because we were ready to go for the day super early, and we received a last minute call this morning inviting us over to tea to meet a new missionary who just moved here. They wanted us to meet because they are expecting their second baby in November and thought we might connect with having kids around the same age and also in hopes that I could help them get set up with a pediatrician and any other doctor needs. The wife is from Belarus and the husband is American. They were serving as missionaries in Albania for the last few years and just moved here.

Upon walking up to their front door, I was greeted by Julia (pronounced as "Yulia") who said I looked familiar. I have never been to Belarus or Albania, so I didn't know where she might have seen me. Then she said, "Where you at immigration on Monday?!" HA HA! What a small world. We ended up just having ice water since it was so hot, but I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Julia! I look forward to hopefully developing a friendship with her.

After I got home, just as Kevin was getting home from his weight lifting and playing basketball with the guys, we decided to just hop downtown for a bit this afternoon. We have hardly spent any time down there since moving here with school and Seth and all of that. We really want to spend more time down there this summer, and by the time my parents leave, we'll only have a month left!!! So we wanted to explore and revisit places we haven't been to in years. It was so fun and spur of the moment.

We met up with Audrey, and we had fun visiting Hősök tere (Heroes' Square), sipping the most delicious iced coffee beverages in the ever-so-cool (in style and in temperature!) Gloria Jean's, and walking around some of the prettiest parts on the Pest side. We figured out some things we wanted to do with my parents down there and ended the evening strolling down the Vaci. It was such a lovely and perfect afternoon! We stayed much later than anticipated, but it was well worth it. Even though it was hot, it didn't feel as bad in the city with a breeze here and there and lots of shade down Andrássy út.

And okay, let's be honest, I think Seth is an adorable kid. Of course I do, I'm his mother. But a lot of other people do too. How do I know? Well, just about every person talks to this kid wherever we go and says mostly things that I don't understand, but I get the general gist of what they're saying. Whether we're in the store, walking on the street, or riding public, he just is the main attraction it seems. But today was the best... There was a group of Chinese tourists that passed us, and after speaking to him and amongst each other again in a language I don't understand, one came up and asked in English if they could take his picture! Yes, he is one cute kid.

We're thinking of going downtown again perhaps tomorrow or something, at least to Gloria Jean's where we could read in such a cool coffee house that is air conditioned and stroll along the roads, maybe spend more time at the park nearby. I love it down there.

I close with a picture of Heroes' Square, such a beautiful monument and landmark of Budapest. A little history...The central site of the square is the Millennium Memorial with statues of the leaders of the seven tribes that founded Hungary in the 9th century and other outstanding figures of Hungarian history. I love that there is SO much history in this country. And appreciate the picture...I was nearly run over by a bus trying to get the whole thing in one shot!

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