Sunday, April 27, 2008

randomness on a sunday

I am pleased to see that Audrey and Aimee both did the little survey I tagged them to do! Waiting for you now, Emily... :)

The weather this weekend has been absolutely gorgeous! YEAH! Spring has sprung. I honestly smell lilacs all about on our walks. It is truly wonderful.

We have gotten to hang out with Audrey a lot. It has been fun! So glad that God put it on people's hearts to support her and his calling in her life here. We have been anxious for her to get here, and now she is here.

I made up some random chicken dish in the crock pot today, and I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out really well. I also made some spinach and herb bread, thanks to the Tastefully Simple products given to me by my aunts and my mom. So yummy!

The plan tomorrow is to walk to the store because I forgot to pick up some olive oil last week, and then I will make another batch of homemade croutons. Although easy to make, it is an all day affair with such a small oven and only being able to bake a little at a time.

I forgot to mention that Seth turned 5 months old yesterday. My how time flies! Our little boy continues to grow so fast...

Have a great week!


Stefanie said...

Excuse me...I tagged Aimee first!

Stefanie said...

So I read your comment on my blog...tell me why I want to be on the plane with three children: Seth will be 18 months, Daniel will be almost 3 and Kevin is almost out of control. I'll have to think seriously about this!

Kristen said...

At least on the flight back, I'd be there to help!