Saturday, April 26, 2008

i've been tagged

My friend Kristin tagged me to do this, so here goes:

I am: A wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend
I think: a lot, all the time, and about everything (too much!)
I know: how to wiggle my ears
I want: our child(ren) to come to know the Lord at an early age
I wish: for a car
I hate: bananas
I miss: my family and several US food items/restaurants
I fear: the unknown
I feel: content
I hear: a siren going off in the distance
I smell: homemade brownies
I crave: chocolate all the time
I search: the grocery store for words I know and can read
I regret: that I procrastinate
I love: my family and friends but most importantly my Jesus
I ache: when I hear someone I love and care about is going through a difficult time
I care: about a lot of people
I always: count things (so OCD about certain things)
I am not: over jetlag yet!
I believe: that Jesus Christ is my Savior who died for me on the cross and rose again to offer me his gift of salvation
I sing: when no one else is around and make up songs for Seth all day long
I cry: when I am sad, during a good movie, and whenever I feel like I need a good cry :)
I fight: rarely
I write: emails and on the blog
I win: many games as I am competitive
I lose: recipes I have been given because I have no where to keep them
I never: leave the house without my hair being done
I confuse: myself ("I'm so confused" is something I say all the time)
I listen: to the sounds of kids playing outside all day
I can usually be found: at home
I am scared: of spiders
I need: more storage space in our flat!
I am happy about: being a wife to Kevin and a mom to Seth
I hope: to learn Hungarian and travel this summer
I am tagging: Audrey, Aimee, and Emily

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Stefanie said...

I wonder what mom and dad did to us to have all three of us afraid of spiders. Hmmm...