Sunday, March 2, 2008



Yesterday during one of the games in the afternoon, there came a violent wind/rain storm through the area that lasted only a few minutes but was so terrible that you couldn't even see a thing out the window. The game kind of paused as everyone stared outside. Some water even leaked from the skylight windows in the gym ceiling onto the floor. It continued to drizzle a bit but the violent stuff was over with in minutes.

An hour or two later I heard people asking where I was. The middle school principal Lori found me and said, "Do you know that pieces of your roof blew off during that storm?" She had been looking out her office window and happened to look across the street and saw our roof had holes in it. We walked over and saw lots of the tile roof pieces all over our front "lawn." She asked me about how to get in touch with our landlord, but I have always just gone through Ildiko at school for any of that since they don't speak English. I don't even have any contact info at all!

So after the run around of no one being home and not knowing what to do, the school administrator said that he'd have the maintenance guys at school come look at our roof and at least put up plastic to cover the holes. Zoli came over to our house, broke through the painted-shut attic door, came back down and announced in his extremely limited English that there were too many small holes. They then were able to get a hold of Ildiko, and she contacted our landlord, who said there is nothing that can be done now. They will try to get someone out to look at it and figure out how to fix it some time this week.

It's been incredibly windy and rainy today. Of course that isn't good since there are holes in the roof. We've had several people call to check in and offer us beds if we need to get out because of the draft or if any moisture starts to come through the ceilings upstairs. We haven't noticed any difference in it being drafty because it always is with the lack of insulation around here! The attic door wasn't closed all the way, and it's too tall to reach now with only the chair we have to try and reach it. I could see light from the sky coming through earlier before it got dark. Fortunately no rain is coming through the ceiling yet!

I was glad that it happened this weekend of all weekends because with the basketball tournament going on right across the street, there were hundreds of people there. Help was all around! Kevin was in Bratislava (Slovakia) yesterday afternoon when it happened, but the wind wasn't just here. It went whipping across this part of Europe as he saw sheet metal flying about there. Cars were overturned, and others lost their entire roof. One family went to the grocery store during the tournament and said that the shelters where they store grocery carts were overturned on top of people's cars. How would you like to come out and find that? 5 people in Germany even died from falling debris.

So a few holes in the roof are not that big of a deal. Praise the Lord that's all it was for us.


Rachael said...

hey! im really happy that i found this randomly.haha. i typed in International christian school of budapest and u and mr. yaiko's pic came up FIRST and so i looked on the and found a blog! yay! :)
ur posts are SO much more interesting than ur husbands.haha
hope ur roof gets fixed soon+i'll cya tmrw maybe! :)
<3 Rachael

Kristin said...

Kristen, I hope that things get fixed quickly!