Saturday, February 9, 2008


I went to Tesco tonight to go grocery shopping with Kim. She is always so kind and asks me if I want to go with her. So I left Seth home with Kevin so that I could do it faster. Plus, the carts here are smaller, and his carseat takes up the entire cart. It makes actually getting any groceries a challenge. But as I was waiting for Kim to finish her shopping, I started thinking...

I feel like I am in this very strange place in life right now. I am not exactly sure where I fit in, and being overseas and without a car makes it even more difficult. I hang out with single and married women, those who have kids and those who don't. I am becoming friends with some of the moms at school whose kids are much older, even high school age. But I had four women this last week tell me that they are worried about me and have asked if I'm content and/or okay to be at home. I don't know if this is because they had a difficult transition themselves at this stage in life or if it's because they know I am a people person or something. I want to clarify and say that even though I do love to be around friends, I do enjoy time to myself! I am very content and love being at home. I just can't really decide where I fit in. I don't have a car or a way of getting involved in anything right now, and my schedule is determined by when I have to feed Seth next.

We are still really praying about the car situation. That would be wonderful just so that I could get involved and do something. I was talking to a dear friend last week who recently moved across the country. A nine hour time difference means we just finished eating dinner while she had just started her day! She was on her way to MOPS, and it is helping her get connected. I was so glad for her that she can do this, and I was also so jealous because I cannot do this. I was invited to take a cake decorating class by a mom in my (old) class who has become my friend. I was so excited about this, but the thought of who to ask to borrow a car for four different sessions just stressed me out. I told the woman this, and she said that two other women are wanting to do it, both of whom I know and both of whom live in Diósd!

God can do great and mighty things for everyone to see his love for us and his power, but he can also do those little things that seem insignificant to some but show just one person his love for them and his power. Being able to take this cake decorating class and getting a ride to it by women who live right down the street may seem like nothing to everyone else, but I see it as Christ showing his love for me.

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