Tuesday, February 12, 2008

csak hétfő...

only Monday...

I know it's now finally Tuesday, but I heard several people yesterday comment, "And it's only Monday..." And from that comment you can tell that it was a long Monday for many. Maybe it was for you, too.

I just have to say that my week started out fabulously because my dear friend Leah called Sunday night. She lets me know that even though I'm gone, I'm not forgotten. I talked in the previous post about not knowing exactly where my place here is now, but it's also weird to know if and where I fit in with folks back home. Leah, thanks for loving me and encouraging me!

One of the "top dogs" from ACSI is in Hungary now and went to ICSB yesterday to check things out. He wanted to sit in on a class, and of all classes, Kevin's Consumer Math class was picked. When admin had asked Kevin if the man could sit in on his class, he was just glad that he had a good lesson planned (with Biblical integration already weaved into the lesson as well -- a huge must!). I got to meet this man (whoops -- can't remember his name!) who was a missionary with his family in Brazil for over 19 years. So cool.

There is lots of stress in the air right now. Why? Housing for the upcoming year is a huge concern for many people. So if any of you think of it, I am sure that many friends here would appreciate prayer regarding that. It's not fun, and it's certainly not cheap. Ugh.

I have been thinking a lot. I realize this is nothing new as I am a thinker. And some thoughts I would love to share but have thought better. I guess I am learning lots, and that's always a good thing. I am learning a lot about people, including myself. I am learning a lot about God's love for me - his good, perfect, unconditional love. I look at my son and think of how much I love him, and to think that my love for him is no where near what God's love for me is. I am a fallen creature, and my love is not perfect. How wonderful to know that his is!

"The best part of waking up..." is not having Folgers in your cup... but is getting greeted by the most happy little boy who squeals in delight at seeing you. It makes my day every day.

By the way, Seth was laughing and squealing SO loud last night before bed that I really did think he was disturbing the neighbors. It is so fun to play with him these days. He loves every minute of it! I can only imagine it getting more fun as time goes on.

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