Friday, February 1, 2008



Kevin and I ordered take out tonight for the first time since we moved to Hungary! I actually called the place, gave him my address for delivery, and ordered all in Hungarian. Now I didn't use any complete sentences, but he understood what I was trying to say. He repeated the items I ordered, which helped me hear how to pronounce it better and let me know that I actually ordered what I was trying to order.

We hardly ever go out to eat. No car and new baby means we eat at home. Plus, it's more expensive than it was before, and there really aren't many places to go around here. I don't mind eating at home, but it was super nice to get to order Chinese food tonight for a special treat. Szezámos csirke is my new favorite thing.


Rachael said...

Congrats on placing the whole order in Hungarian! Phone conversations in another language always intimidated me the most when I lived in Spain.

I hear you rarely going out to eat - we don't either (but it's been good for our budget, lol! It means I have more to spend at Trader Joe's).

Kristen said...

Well, I did ask first if he spoke English, and he replied in Hungarian that he spoke very little. So that did give him a heads up that I wasn't a Hungarian speaker, which definitely helped him understand why it was so choppy and not good. But I did it and we got the food we ordered!

And not going out to eat is better for the budget, but I do enjoy not having to cook for that rare treat! Wish we had Trader Joe's!