Saturday, February 2, 2008



Tonight was the senior auction at school, and Kevin and I won two items! This is the first time I have ever won something at an auction. My old school had a fundraiser auction every spring, but half the time the starting bids alone were out of our price range. So we never got anything at those auctions.

There was an impressive amount of items at the auction. Many items were things you would never see at an auction in the US. You would not believe what people are willing to pay for American food! Reeses's peanut butter cups, A&W root beer, Lucky Charms, brownie and cake mixes, frosting, Oreos, Bisquick, etc. Anything from Starbucks was also expensive. Kevin was bidding on a huge bag of Skittles and decided to drop out of the race when it was going for over $25.

We did walk away with two American things: a huge box of candy bars made by Nestle split with the Lang family and a "Starbucks and Sweets" box donated by the US Embassy. There were Keebler cookies, a cake mix, frosting, Dove chocolates, and of course Starbucks coffee. Kevin decided that we had to win something after losing out on the Skittles. All of the money was to help with the senior class trip, and I think they did fairly well.

I didn't hold Seth the entire auction. Everyone wanted to hold him, but he was monopolized most of the time by a student who has told me countless times that she wants to babysit for us. Aunt Whittington gets the first honor though! But he was passed around and content to be held and surrounded by people paying attention to him. He also went to Kevin's basketball game this afternoon, so he should be pretty pooped from not napping because he was having too much fun with his people-filled day. Seth doesn't want to miss out on anything! We will have to visit school this week because one teacher I know is dying to hold him after being gone for a while, and she hasn't gotten to yet. I saw she had her eye on him the whole night!

And the director of the school was talking to me tonight and saying what a good baby Seth is. He said it must make it a lot easier to be here, and I agreed. He said, "I'm glad y'all decided to stay after he was born." I never thought twice about not staying, but he has said something along those lines many times so he must have thought that we might change our minds after having a kid here. It's no fun being away from our family, but God is good to provide us with loving people in HIS big family.



I better get first honor...the day a high schooler "bests" would be a really sad would NEVER live it down. Bar-B-Q chicken pizza my friend!

Kristen said... chicken pizza.

You now have more competition for babysitting. You'd better be nice to me. :)

We still haven't gone out or done anything to celebrate our anniversary, so we will be taking you up on that hopefully sometime soon.

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