Sunday, December 30, 2007


Where we live


So I worked on putting these albums together this afternoon. Click on the top one to see pictures of our place, which were taken on the first day we moved in. It doesn't look very "homey." The second album are some pictures from our trip to Vienna. There aren't many, but I hope you enjoy. We are getting better at all of this!

By the way, not sure why there is mega space between the two albums. That is annoying me.


Kristin said...

I loved seeing the pictures of where you live. It is nice to be able to understand some more based on pictures.

How do you get your picassa pictures into an album and onto your site? I have all of our pictures in picassa, but I haven't figured out how to make them accessible on the blog as an album.

Dad D said...

We are too much alike! The space was bugging me too! I thought you forgot to type something in! Love, Dad

Kristen said...

I will email you, Kristin.

And Dad, I can't figure out the space! I tried putting the albums next to each other, but it wasn't working. I was too eager to publish the post that I just decided to forget it. But so annoying. We took a picture of your "bed" next time you come. We are trying to break the couch in as it's a little stiff!

Audrey said...

I love the photos of your flat! Is the new fridge there, yet? May this place continue to seem more like home, and may the Father accomplish much there.
Love ya, Audrey