Saturday, November 10, 2007

the pirates of penzance

Just went to the middle school production of "The Pirates of Penzance." Although my previous school was preschool through grade 12, I didn't attend many of the productions or games or anything because I hardly knew any of the kids. I just worked in the elementary building and really only knew those kids.

But now since I work in the same building as middle school and high school (and, well, it's considerably smaller), I have gotten to know many of the kids. So watching the middle school performance was fun and quite hilarious. Plus, way more kids know who I am than I know who they are. This is in part due to Kevin working here as well, but there are always kids coming up to me and saying hello. I am still taken back by being called "Mrs. Yaiko" by seniors in high school since I have never hung out with students that age before, and I never expected kids in the States to call me by that since I didn't work with them at school.

It's just fun to know students of all ages now, and they are just the nicest kids. We hope to be able to invite kids over once we get things settled with a new baby and all, since we live across the street. We are looking forward to that!

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Audrey said...

"The Pirates of Penzance"? What a great time! While I am not "the very model of a modern major general" I am green with envy. Enjoy this time at ICSB. Praying for you in life, ministry, and parenthood!