Tuesday, August 21, 2007

where are you from?

We get this question asked of us a million times a day. I never know how to answer it. Do they want to know where I grew up? Or do they want to know where did we move from? Not that big of a deal, but I am never sure what they mean.

Life has certainly been more than busy. We are trying to adjust to the new sleep schedule. I would say it is going fine, although I wake up at 1:00 in the morning and struggle to get back to sleep. Everyone says that is normal, especially around that time. Weird how it tends to be the same! We have been kept busy with school and other people so that we really are going to bed at a "normal" hour and then getting up at a good hour as well. I think I am doing fine, but then a wave will hit me where I just want to crash.

Again, there is so much going on in and around me that I want to share, but with school starting tomorrow, I haven't had two minutes to really do any of that. For those of you who know me, I need to get those things out to process, so I will probably just write a book one of these days to help me sort through all of these thoughts and feelings.

We had a little orientation at school tonight. It wasn't anything really formal, but I did get to meet the parents of all but one of my ten students tonight. The language barrier with a few parents is going to be especially tough, not to mention trying to teach a few children who don't speak English. Not exactly sure how I will do that, but I know that God knows! He is greater than any language barrier!

I saw some old and familiar faces. I have been offered rides to the doctor now by several people, which is a huge answer to prayer because I was stressed about how I would get that part done. They all say such wonderful things about the hospital where I am going, and that is comforting.

Well, I best head back home, which is a commute of about maybe 30 seconds. After meeting an incredibly rambunctious group of boys in my class, I will need all of the energy possible to keep up with them. Pray for me! :)

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