Sunday, August 19, 2007

we're here!

Well, we finally made it to Hungary. I honestly have to say that all of the traveling went by pretty quickly, although we didn't get much sleep at all during it. We arrived pretty tired but were kept busy pretty much until late last night so that we could go to bed at their normal hour instead. I was feeling more than overwhelmed about it all yesterday. No sleep and not understanding most of what's going on around you just makes for a draining day that ends with tears because you just can't think anymore. A good night's rest definitely helped.

Some things are just as exactly as how I remembered them, and yet so much has changed. Things are definitely more expensive here now as Hungary is trying to join the EU. That is a bummer for us, but the American dollar is gaining back some which will help us with the prices.

I have so much to say right now but don't have the time to write it all down. So I will close today with some prayer requests mainly... 1. That Kevin and I get the rest we need, 2. That we will be able to prioritize as we only have two days until school starts and have now just seen our classrooms (AHHH!), 3. For health with changing schedules and food issues (I write more about that later!), and 4. That we will continue to find our strength and rest in God first. We know we are called to be here but it is so overwhelming right now. I think I would feel less stressed if I had more time to get ready for school, but oh well. Such is life, right?! I know that many people are praying about this, for me especially as I am the planner and control freak, and I know that because I do feel okay right now. YEAH! So thanks!

More to come when I have time. My mind is absolutely swimming right now!!!!!


Boo Boo's Mom said...

What's going on with your food??

Mommee and Her Boys said...

I will be praying for you guys! :) So glad you made it ok!

Aimee said...

Hey babe!! I'm praying that you can get everything finished before school starts tomorrow. According to my watch, it's around 6:38pm your time as I write this. Hope you were able to accomplish a lot these past couple days, though I'm sure you're running on empty with the time change and everything else! You're DOING it!! I'm so excited to hear more about life in Diosd and can't wait to see updated belly pictures as you begin to show more :) Give Kevin a hug from us and give baby Yaiko our love!