Saturday, July 7, 2007


Audrey, Whittington, me and Kevin before leaving PFO in Houghton, NY yesterday afternoon. These are our new best friends as we will all be in Hungary together teaching. So excited to just get there!!!

We had a time of closing and communion together yesterday before everyone headed out. One girl best summarized how I felt during this week... "It was good to finally feel normal." Everyone asks why you're going overseas or questions why you would do something like that. People don't get why you'd be willing to give up your life, things, and family here, and so you get a lot of weird looks and questions. Now there are tons of people who are excited and support us 100%, but not everyone "gets it."

So for the last two weeks I felt completely normal, surrounded by people in the same situation as we are and trusting God to do miraculous things in order for it all to happen. I didn't have to explain myself or why we are doing what we are doing. I just felt normal and at ease.

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