Monday, July 23, 2007

continued answered prayer

The last three weeks have been a time of great growth in my life. I really shouldn't narrow it down to only these last few weeks, but I am for a reason... Trusting God in areas of money is super duper tough. I have blogged about this many times as we have seen God provide for us. Even though I see, know, and believe that God provides, it still is a huge struggle for me every time.

So today I write to talk about continued answered prayer in regards to our financial support. It's important for others (and myself as well!) to see and know how God is answering prayer. Many people know that we cannot leave the country until we are fully supported, and it's hard to plan your life when deep down inside you have no idea when you will leave because of money. Here are how the last three weeks have looked:

Three weeks ago: $2000 a month still needed ($48,000)
Two weeks ago: $1800 a month still needed ($43,200)
One week ago: $1600 a month still needed ($38,400)
Today: $1250 a month still needed ($30,000)

Most people are shocked to hear that we have to raise about $100,000 in order to go. It puts it in perspective, and let me just say that we personally do not get all of that money to go to Hungary. That is the total for two full years, and that covers everything, including housing, insurance, retirement, administrative costs to the mission, etc. This also covers the thousands of dollars that we had to pay for our two trainings we have had plus all of the costs for moving overseas (visas, shipping, plane tickets, etc.). We do get a "salary" out of that, but it is less for the two of us than I alone make working at a Christian school right now. As people have asked us to share about the money aspect, we always chuckle to hear the gasps about how much it really costs. I'm not sharing this information for that reason.

I am not sharing all of this for any other reason than to share how God has amazingly provided already for us. To think that we are about 30% away from going, when it was almost half just three weeks ago, amazes me. I just want this to be a testimony as to how God is providing for us one day at a time. We would still like to leave on August 6th, two weeks from today, but that means we need to raise $30,000 in under two weeks. God can do that; I can't. If we leave later, we leave later. I have been praying for a long time that my heart would be ready for God's timing, which is not my own.

Again, we thank everyone for all of their prayers and ask for those to continue. We are super excited to see how God works all of this out, and I will be sure to share with you along the way!


Dad said...

You've got the right attitude! Love you, Dad

Whittington McLemore said...

Congrats on the baby!! How exciting!! Also, awesome about support - I will continue praying!!!! Luke Carrier says hello and that you guys are awesome. He was quite the character when I met him. Keep me posted on the Visa application, I'm still praying for that too.