Sunday, July 22, 2007


I had a nice day today sitting in the car with Linda Hall riding to Lyndsey Chan's wedding up near Cleveland. We spent about 5 hours together talking with each other, and it was just so wonderful to share that time before we go with such a special friend!

Lyndsey looked absolutely beautiful, no surprise of course! It's always nice to go to a wedding where both the bride and groom are believers in Christ and seeing how they honor the Lord in their relationship. It was a great time of celebration!

I got back in time to go to a birthday party of a former student, whose family pretty much just adopted us into their family two years ago. They take care of us and include us in things as if we were their family since we have none here. Again, it was such a great time of celebration with them and their daughter's birthday.

The days and nights are getting so jam packed with trying to get everything done, mainly and most importantly seeing those we love before we go. It's quite crazy. I think I will just crash in a few weeks, but in the meantime, I seem to have the energy I need. Yeah!

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rachelgrl4 said...

I'm glad to hear her wedding went well.